This is a program developed by Ficohsa together with La Colonia Supermarket and the Foundation for Business Development (FUNDER).

We provide access to financing to agricultural producers in rural areas of Honduras. Likewise, we add training and technical assistance to improve their production and incorporate environmentally friendly practices, with the support of the eco-business Fund (a European impact fund that promotes sustainable practices in Latin America). These trainings include irrigation techniques, to avoid soil irrigation, as well as social and gender inclusion methodologies. Likewise, the marketing of their products is facilitated.

In this way, we favor the creation of employment, the formation of micro-enterprises and the growth of communities.

During 2020, due to the impact of the health emergency, we supported the producers who were affected, granting term extensions and refinancing of their loans.

We also provide biosecurity equipment and protocol manuals to be followed.

850 producers

1,948 loans

$5.6MM in financing

Success story

Marcala, La Paz

Producer Felix Gerardo Zelaya Urquía, originally from the city of Marcala, state of La Paz, partner of the company Vegetales Lencas S.A. DE C.V.

Felix was a producer of peppers and tomatoes in a greenhouse. For many reasons, he couldn’t be successful under this production system and migrated to the United States, searching for the american dream.

He returned to Honduras, to his place of origin. He had the initiative to start a vegetable production project in hydroponic systems and, with great efforts, he managed to build a hydroponic system with a productive capacity of 1200 plants, where he established crops such as celery, endive lettuce, chard and spinach, obtaining best results with endive lettuce.

However, he realized that producing 1,200 lettuces every 60 days, he was not going to do very well. That is where he, through Vegetables, received support from the DE MI TIERRA program, so that he could receive advice on the productive, commercial, and financial components.

Ficohsa Bank, within the framework of the De Mi Tierra Trust, grants him financing to be able to expand his production unit: a protected structure with capacity for 5,000 plants.

As of today, Félix is ​​in a stage where he is producing 2,300 weekly lettuces and selling them to La Colonia Supermarkets, having a total production capacity of 17,000 lettuces each week.

His income has improved, generating employment for workers in his locality, planning to expand and diversify other crops under this system.