(GRI 103-2, 103-3)

Relevant Data from the Group

We are facing a year 2020 riddled with high uncertainty and important challenges for citizens and companies, in the different countries in which we operate.

At Ficohsa Financial Group we focus on continuing to maintain financial stability, abiding by the directives of the different authorities on provisioning and other aspects, while supporting our clients at such an exceptional time.

We present our main consolidated financial indicators at the Group level, which reflect the strength of the institution and our outstanding contribution to economic and social development in the region.

Economic Value Generated and Distributed by GFF

(GRI 201-1)

We remain firm in the generation of value for each of our stakeholders, distributing the income in different items according to each one: remuneration to suppliers for their products and / or services, salaries and benefits for employees, payments to capital providers, taxes and support for communities through social investment programs.