Loan Portfolio by Sector – Honduras

(FS6) (SASB FN-CB-410a.1)

Mortgage Banking

We continue to consolidate our leadership in housing financing in Honduras, closing the year with a portfolio balance of US$ 370.4 MM.

As part of our commitment to the development of Honduras, we continue our support for financing social housing through Convivienda and the Middle-Class Housing program:

Entrepreneur Banking

At Bank Ficohsa, we support small and medium-sized companies, key in the country’s economy and one of the main sources of employment. We offer a specialized team, with products of interest for this segment.

Below, we present the dimensions of our product portfolio by type of client within the entrepreneurial segment:

Representative Office in the USA

Being an extension of Ficohsa Honduras in the US, in 2020 the Representative Office contributed US $ 925,381.50 of net margin to the results of Ficohsa Bank, thus strengthening its equity.