Ficohsa Pensions and Severance began operations more than 6 years ago with the purpose of promoting a culture of savings in Hondurans that helps guarantee a better quality of life at the time of retirement. Offering the option of saving through a voluntary and complementary pension fund, Ficohsa Pensions and Severance offers its affiliates the highest profitability in the market, security, transparency and an innovative service.

Ficohsa Pensions and Severance also offers savings plans for companies and their employees through the Business Contributory Fund, Non-Contributory Business Fund and Business Severance. Additionally, it offers the Comprehensive Protection Plan, a unique product in the market that integrates insurance and provides maximum support since, in the event of total or permanent disability, the member receives the total sum of the plan without having concluded it and due to death, it is received by his beneficiaries.

Relevant data

2020 was a challenging year worldwide and Ficohsa Pensions and Severance was not the exception. The company and its employees proved to be up to the demands that were presented and quickly adapted to the changes of the new normal. Due to the pandemic, digital projects that were on the works to being launched during the year were streamlined. Ficohsa Pensions and Severance adapted to the needs of its members.

With modern technological platforms, Ficohsa Pensions and Severance provided a service without interruption to its affiliates during the COVID-19 pandemic, being responsible

with all biosecurity measures and without exposing its affiliates. During the quarantine decreed as a result of the pandemic, the Self-Management Portal had special relevance since customers were able to self-serve in order to enter their requests from their homes during the months of confinement.

Faced with the needs of a new reality, the e-mail self-management service was launched, which allows affiliates to enter their requests, as they would on the portal, through an email. The number of transactions increased by 150%.

The company streamlined the Electronic Membership project so that all those interested in joining could do so through the website. The affiliation form was replicated digitally to achieve a 100% virtual affiliation, ensuring that customers respected the quarantine and did not expose themselves when visiting the offices.

The growth was closely associated with the evolution of the small contributor , as the results of progressive education in prevention culture and the ease of delivery to the client, for example, being pioneers in having a forecast calculator.

In the context of the pandemic, savings in the middle segment increased due to a more conservative behavior of customers with spending. Good results were also achieved in the management of severance funds, since in the face of the suspension and / or termination of employees as a result of the pandemic, many companies saw the importance of having this type of financial instruments to be able to cope with their work commitments with their employees.