(GRI 102-12)

With the aim of reaching multisectoral agreements that promote the implementation of good practices and that contribute to the sustainable development of the countries in which we operate, we have joined the United Nations’ Global Compact since 2018. We are committed to the implementation of its 10 principles, which cover labour standards, respect for human rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption

Below, we present our commitments and main actions for each principle:

1. Business should
support and respect the
protection of internationally
proclaimed human rights.
We are committed to protecting,
respecting, and complying with the
Declaration of Human Rights
set forth by the
General Assembly of the United
Nations, in all our operations and
areas of influence, in every
country in which we operate.
• Ficohsa’s Code of Ethics
sets forth the institution’s
commitment to the principles
of the Global Compact.
• Ficohsa is a member of the
Committee on Human Rights
of the Honduran Council of
Private Enterprise.
2. Business should
make sure they are not
complicit in human rights
We make sure clients
and suppliers aren’t
involved in actions that could
violate human rights.
• We have a Ethical
Requirements for Business
Partners document.
• Through the Social and
Environmental Risk System, we
identify, evaluate, and monitor any
social and environmental risks in
the Bank’s credit portfolio.
• Through our Supplier’s
Certification, Ficohsa makes sure
that its suppliers comply with
labor legislation, ethical
standards, and human rights
3. Business should uphold
freedom of association and
the effective recognition
of the right to collective
We are committed to
complying with all the
provisions which regulate the
right to association,
privacy, collective
bargaining, immigration, work
hours, salaries, and work
schedules, besides all legislation
forbidding child labor,
either forced or obligatory, and
job discrimination.
• Through its Code of Ethics,
Ficohsa respects its employee’s
right to free association,
pursuant to each country’s
labor legislation.
• Ficohsa has come up with a broad
benefits plan, which provides
very favorable work
conditions, well above what’s
stipulated by law.
4. Business should uphold
the elimination eradication of
all forms of forced or
compulsory labor.
Under no circumstance do we
allow forced labor;
with our Code of Ethics and
Internal Work Regulations,
we set forth the parameters
under which our employees
will provide their services to
the institution.
• The Code of Ethics sets forth the
premises needed to eradicate
forced labor, also internally for
employees, while at the same time
the “Ethical Requirement for
Business Partners” sets forth the
commitment of suppliers and
clients in order to eradicate any
type of forced labor in its scope
of operation.
• The Internal Work Regulations
set forth the premises under
which our employees will
provide their services to
the institution.
5. Business should uphold
the effective abolition of
child labour.
We do not allow any type
of child labour in GFF’s
• The Code of Ethics for
for Employees and the
“Ethical Requirement for
Business Partners”, sets forth that
under no circumstance will child
labour be tolerated in the areas
of influence of both clients and
• During the scouting and selection
process, Ficohsa makes sure
that all hired personnel is of
legal age, according to each
country’s legislation.
• Preschool education is promoted
at a regional level, helping
more than 8,500 children attend
school with a 99 % assistance
rate in all Ficohsa Foundation
6. Business should uphold
the elimination of
in respect of employment
and occupation.
We promote a work environment
that embraces diversity and
respects and values
differences. Discrimination
and harassment are forbidden
on behalf of a supervisor,
work colleague, client,
supplier, or visitor.
• We hire without gender, ethnic,
or religious prejudice.
• We promote an environment
of equality and the integral
development of our employees.
7. Business should support
a precautionary approach to
environmental challenges;
We promote
actions in regards to
our administrative
activities and facilities in
Head Offices and branches.
• As part of good practices,
each year we carry out
campaigns to raise awareness
on improving the efficiency in the
use of resources such as: water,
energy, and paper, with paper being
one of the most used supplies due
to our business model. That’s why
we implemented programs to
reduce, reuse, and recycle
• We have 10 branches and
one Head Office
which are equipped with solar
panels, utilizing 71% of clean
8. Business should undertake
initiatives greater environmental
We are careful to watch over the
planet, through actions that
contribute to its care.
• This year, we couldn’t carry
out our tree planting; however,
we did donate trees to be
planted in protected
9. Business should encourage
the development and diffusion
of environmentally
Friendly technologies
We’ve developed our Environmental
and Social Risk Management
System, applied regionally,
based on a Social Environmental
Credit Policy, as well as its
corresponding process.
• As part of the system,
we help clients
identify and develop
processes and measures set forth
by national legislation,
improvement opportunities,
implementation of good
practices, and international
parameters which lead to a
more efficient and
environmentally-friendly operation.
10. Business should work
against corruption in all its forms,
including extortion and bribery.
Under our Anti-Corruption
and Bribery policy,
prohibitions and approvals are
set forth in order to notify a
bribery or case of corruption, and
the investigation methods are
specified in order to avoid that
they may happen again within
the institution.
• We consolidated our culture of
integrity, transparency,
honesty, and compliance in
business relations as part
of responsible financial
• We have our Anti-Corruption
and Bribery Management
System (SGAS).
• 100% of employees are given
training so that they may
recognize and avoid bribes.
• Employees are encouraged to
be on the lookout and report
any suspected bribery or case of corruption.
• Additionally, any alleged corruption
case is harshly investigated
and assistance is provided to the
competent authorities.