(GRI 102-7)

GFF Infrastructure

Presence in 5 countries: Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and the United States.

+3,200 service locations.

5,551 employees.

57% of women representing total payroll.

52% telecommuting employees.

+ 64,301 hours of training to employees, through Ficohsa university.

Over 82,900 people directly benefited with our response to COVID-19.

Disbursement of +US$ 18.68 MM from Ficohsa Insurance indemnities due to hurricanes ETA and IOTA.

GFF Performance

+US$ 190 MM in financing for renewable energy projects.

Support to +860 entrepreneurs with financing.

Launch of the first virtual mall in Honduras, Ficomall.online

Support to financial education, with +26,900 users on the tuconcienciafinanciera.com webpage