(GRI 102-14, 102-15)

2020 was, without a doubt, a very challenging year for our Central American region and the whole world, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the lives of all people and the inner workings of companies and, thus, on country’s economies.

In such a context, the banking sector plays a very important role in the region’s re-energizing and recovery, through being the financial catalyst to carry out sustainable business. Our stability has allowed us to remain steadfast faced with this crisis, while we continue supporting our clients.

Business-wise, we are number one in assets in Honduras’s national bank ranking, thus reflecting our institution’s stability. We also take pride in announcing we are the number one insurance company in Honduras, while we keep on growing our pensions business.

From its corporate purpose, Grupo Financiero Ficohsa defines its guiding principle as to Facilitate Solutions that Transform Lives, which it’s why is carried out multiple actions with employees, clients, suppliers, neighboring communities, and the public in general, with a special emphasis on education, nourishment and health, and entrepreneurship.

Our commitment is to continue working and collaborating as an organization, through our Board of Directors and our employees, in every country in which we operate, with a greater focus on performing as a responsible and sustainable Financial Group in different areas, of which I mention the following:

Accelerated digitization for our client’s benefit: Meeting our client’s needs through the development and implementation of technologies which allow us to provide online services and financial solutions, guaranteeing access to basic transactions and collection of remittances. Likewise, we offer digital options through our pensions and insurance businesses.

Support to entrepreneurs: We’ve made great improvements in strengthening and empowering entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium-sized companies, in order to keep or start their business operation digitally. Thus, we have opened Ficomall, Ficolink and FicoPos, and Mobile Checking Accounts Deposits, in order to expedite their business transactions digitally.

Debt Management and Financial Restructuring: Many people took on financial responsibilities due to health reasons, or saw their family income be drastically diminished, while keeping a great personal financial burden. So, as a group, we decided to offer different relief measures. To this end, we eliminated  late payment fees, as well as ATM withdrawal fees, and we offered personal and business debt restructuring options to thousands of clients.

Greater focus on operating as a Responsible and Sustainable Group: Grupo Financiero Ficohsa started its efforts closes to home, giving our employees all the support we could give them so they may feel cared for and safe, giving all of the group’s employees the guarantee of stable employment through 2020 due to COVID. Additionally, focused on health, education, and entrepreneurship, we’ve been able to play a part for the benefit of 282,000 people throughout the region.

These challenges and lessons have allowed us to show with actions our commitment to the region. So, I can emphatically assure that Grupo Financiero Ficohsa will continue putting its trust in its operation’s growth potential, and will keep its constant organizational commitment of being always one step ahead in order to give solutions which transform lives, businesses, and countries, while being an agent for propelling prosperity and sustainable businesses.