(GRI 102-14, 102-15)

As a group, we understand history has placed in our path the challenge of leaving a more inclusive world, with better opportunities, to our future generations, which is why our strategy is in line with conducting business following the Principles of the Global Compact, being careful to provide better value to all our stakeholders, starting by our own employees and then with all the communities in which we operate, as well as clients and suppliers.

Our commitment is to continue working and collaborating so that this becomes a reality; which is why our corporate purpose of presenting solutions which transform lives is now more current than ever, pursuant to our commitment to sustainability

In 2020, our social action was focused on three pillars: health, education, and entrepreneurship, through our work in different areas, of which the following are worth mentioning:

• We focused our business on the needs and new expectations of our clients and general public.

• We encouraged the strengthening of enterprises Hecho en Casa and small and medium companies, which were most affected.

• We supported society in general through these hard times it’s gone due to the sanitary and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and Eta and Iota hurricanes, which affected the region at the end of last year

• We stood by our employees and their families, as their main allies in order to guarantee biosecurity and stability, offering them the chance to telecommute.

• We made financial education our priority, as a key tool for all people, in order to make financial plans for hard times.

The effort and caring our team have shown in supporting people has given us a true taste of the Ficohsa Force. This 2020, corporate volunteering program has been active with heart, grit, and solidarity. Which is why, I’m filled with nothing but praise.

Ficohsa also carried out the delivery of bio-security material and medical equipment for all front-line and medical personnel, distributing one and a half million rations of food for over 50,000 people in 140 communities which needed it the most, as well as undertaking the enormous task of providing 300 teachers and parents from the pre-school looked-after by the foundation, all the necessary capabilities for long-distance learning, always making our children’s ability to learn our priority.

Through our www.tuconcienciafinanciera.com webpage, we offer tools for life, in regards to financial education.

We have centered our efforts on projects such as De Mi Tierra (From My Land), through which we provide financing for over 800 agricultural producers in 11 states, as well as training and a safe market through a three-way alliance with La Colonia Supermarkets and FUNDER.

At the same time, we’ve strengthened our Anti-Corruption and Bribery Management System (SGAS), modernizing it through world-class practices which we voluntarily adopted because of our faithful commitment to transparency.

Many of the actions we carried out represented a union of forces with other companies and institutions from the public and private sectors, always keeping in mind that this is the moment when we should act with both unity and consensus, in order to fuel our countries’ re-activation.

The future of our countries depends on our commitment to developing sustainable business operations, with continuous actions which represent a better planet, which is more inclusive, has better opportunities, is environmentally resilient, and is more equal and prosperous for all.