Ficohsa generates value to its environment, first of all, by its way of doing responsible banking, through the practices it develops so that its activities are beneficial in the long term for all and all its stakeholders, including the most vulnerable groups of the countries where it operates. Second, as part of the sustainability of the business, through its Corporate Social Responsibility area, Ficohsa develops social action programs that seek to cover the basic needs of the population and contribute to the improvement of their living conditions, with the main focus being on supporting early childhood education.

Ficohsa seeks to promote inclusive growth and sustainability through initiatives and programs improving access to education, corporate volunteering, financial inclusion, health, and social investment projects. Through the actions of Our Community axis, Ficohsa contributes to the SDGs: Zero Hunger (2), Good Health and Well-being (3), Quality Education (4), and Partnership for the Goals (17).

At Grupo Financiero Ficohsa we are committed to social development, so every day we care about adding value to our environment in each of the countries where we operate.

We also develop programs that seek to meet the main needs of the communities.
We work through the Group itself, with the leadership of the Social Responsibility area and the activity of Ficohsa Foundation. Our programs and initiatives are mainly focused on: