(GRI 102-12)

Through Ficohsa Foundation we mainly support early childhood education, with the aim of providing opportunities and a better future for children in the countries where we operate. During 2020, we faced great challenges due to the closure of educational centers due to the health emergency. 

We re-structured and re-defined our program’s strategy, responding to the generated context and each country’s regulatory measures.

Educating Our Future Program

Its main objective is to support preschool education for boys and girls between 3 to 6 years of age, who live in socially and economically vulnerable areas, promoting a comprehensive and innovative educational model, where boys and girls receive quality education, taught by teachers who stand out for their commitment and high performance in the teaching-learning processes, integrating the use of technology in this educational stage.

The participation of community members, educational authorities, parents, teachers, and volunteers has been key to achieving the sustainability of the program, and important national and international alliances have been established with other companies, NGOs, foundations and Organizations with which we work hand in hand in different areas of action.

149 Schools were favored 
Honduras, Guatemala, Panamá y Nicaragua

The program has several initiatives and lines of action that contribute to the educational plans and goals of the countries, strengthening their education systems.

Donation of textbooks, educational material, and school supplies

The resources are used by the boys and girls during the teaching-learning processes, strengthening the development of the fine and gross motor that is key in this educational stage.

Additionally, savings are generated for the father and mother of the family, most of which come from economically vulnerable areas.


Ficohsa Foundation works hand in hand with the teachers who attend the preschools supported at the regional level, aware that they are a fundamental piece to achieve educational quality in the classrooms.

That is why, since its inception, a training process has been implemented, with a variety of specialized trainings.


It seeks to improve teaching practice through the action research methodology, generating new competencies focused on providing quality education and generating the participation of parents in the education of their children.

Food support
Collaboration with the national School Food Program

In partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), we deliver school meals rations. This contributes to reducing absenteeism and dropout rates, in addition to providing 36% of daily caloric needs.

Over the years we have managed to benefit more than 137,000 boys and girls, With a total contribution of US $ 522,800

Give to Educate Program

In alliance with La Colonia Supermarkets in Honduras, this program gives the opportunity to customers of supermarkets throughout the country to voluntarily donate the coins from their change at the time of making their purchases.

The proceeds go to directly support 18 preschools in 9 cities in the country.