What Sets Us Apart

(GRI 103-2, 103-3, 203-1)

Corporate and Business Banking

In Corporate and Business Banking, we are committed to the economic development of the country and the Business sector. This year we have maintained our commitment to our clients by providing them with specific financial solutions for each of their needs; faced with the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in 2020, we have worked to continue providing financial support, and the different options for the maintenance, strengthening and growth of their companies.

Our Corporate Banking clients, to whom we offer financial support and advice, are companies with sales greater than 50 million Lempiras; providing them with products and services that facilitate their management and financial transactions, managing to continue working together with each of them by offering face-to-face and / or virtual assistance.

We have specialized business executives, as well as the latest technological tools, to provide financial solutions to our clients through a wide range of financial products and services.

Main products and services:

  • Loans
  • Online currency auction
  • Cash Management
  • Working Capital Line of Credit
  • International and Local Factoring
  • Financial leasing
  • Buying and selling of foreign currencies
  • Online banking
  • Collections
  • Payroll
  • Payment to Suppliers
  • Host to Host
  • Swift to Host
  • International transfers
  • POS service (Online, Mobile, Payment link, Ecommerce)
  • Mass payment solutions


Value proposition

As Corporate Banking, we hold constant technological and digital forums to support our clients, thus always keeping up to date on the main technological trends in the sector.

Always at the forefront of technology, in 2020 the new Interbanca Empresarial platform was launched, with which our clients can carry out all kinds of transactions online without having to move from their offices or homes.

With the release of foreign currency in the country, we have made available to all our clients different options so they can carry out all their transactions in U.S. dollars in the most agile and immediate way with Ficohsa, with which only by debiting their accounts in Lempiras they will be able to buy the U.S. dollars that their company requires to carry out its operations: international transfers, loan payments, among others.

Likewise, in alliance with the Ministry of Finance of Honduras, the TGR-1 Payment was launched with the Payment Button option, which provides ease, speed and security to natural and legal persons to carry out the procedures and transactions enabled on the SEFIN web portal in a virtual way paying with Ficohsa credit or debit cards or from other banks through the new Ficohsa Bank Payment Button.

Entrepreneur Banking

We support the development of Small and Medium Enterprises, thus contributing to the country’s economic development and the generation of employment.
This includes offering financial products and services for companies which have annual sales of up to 50 million Lempiras.

Main products and services

  • Checking and Savings Accounts
  • Line of Credit
  • Letter of Credit
  • Loans for fixed Investments, machinery equipment, vehicular fleet
  • Collection of Values
  • Payroll / Payments to Supplier
  • Taxes
  • Collections
  • Confirmed Ficocheque
  • Fixed Savings
  • Currency Exchange
  • Domestic and International Wire Transfers
  • POS Services
  • Cash Back and Business Credit Cards
  • Multi-Assistance for Women and their businesses
  • Ficointegra: Software to run your business


Value proposition
At Entrepreneur Banking, we make available to clients our Specialized Service Call Center, in order to take care of their needs and questions in a fast and efficient manner. We also have specialized centers for taking care of customers physically in all our offices and branches (Honduras). The personnel in charge of these centers are highly trained on how to solve different problems, and provide solutions for all companies in this segment.

On all our online channels placed at your disposal, we have developed new functionalities in 2020: account opening, loans solicitation, FicoPos Online, Ficolink, and Mobile POS.

Likewise, we’re the first bank to launch our digital savings accounts service for sole traders, so they may both open and operate their accounts online.

This year we carried out our first Virtual Business Fair, with participants ranging from clients in different countries to experts in matters such as digital transformation. Furthermore, we developed ficomall.online, a marketplace in which our clients may market their products online; for this, we received the support of the National Investment Council (CNI), Tegucigalpa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT), and Cortés Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC).

Personal Banking

This segment includes every natural person of legal age, having a very broad catalog of products and services with the highest standards of customer service right at their disposal.

In order to make banking ever more accessible, we developed digital services and technological tools in order to make transactions, questions, and opening accounts easier for our clients.

Main products and services

  • Accounts and deposits:
  • Ficohsa Remittances Savings Accounts
  • Fixed savings
  • Ficohsa Infinite and Clásica savings accounts
  • Checking account
  • Ficohsa Piggy Bank: Aimed at kids from 0 to 18 years of age.
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Loans:
  • Personal
  • Auto
  • Cash advance

Private banking

Private Banking offers comprehensive financial solutions to the most exclusive clients of Bank Ficohsa, providing them with the best banking experience, personalized service, and regional recognition according to their financial needs.

Main products and services

  • Preferential rates in your savings and checking accounts, as well as in certificates of deposit.
  • The best credit cards: Infinite and Signature.
  • Infinite debit card.
  • Guaranteed and personal loans with exclusive benefits for clients.
  • International services: auctions and currency exchange, regional and international wire transfers.
  • Local financial markets: corporate bonds and subordinated debt bonds.

Value proposition

Given the incidence of the pandemic, in 2020 we launched the “Premier at Home” service, where we offer our exclusive clients a at home service to facilitate their management and banking transactions. We also launched certificates of deposit with digital signature and security and we expanded the portfolio of procedures to be carried out by our executives.

Ficohsa Express

Specialized in serving the hispanic community living in the United States, with services including: Sending Remittances worldwide, as well as payment of utilities or private services in Honduras and the US.

Main products and services

  • Sending remittances to: Honduras, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.
  • Payment of remittances sent from Honduras to the US.
  • Payment of utilities and services in Honduras and the US: Water, Electricity, Cable, Education, Phone, Vehicle Registration, and Internet.
  • Local and international cell phone credit.

Value proposition

We offer our clients the ability to manage their money from the United States, in order to use it as if they were in their country, through our utilities and private payment in a direct, real-time manner.

We are an important channel so that our clients may save money in Honduras and the rest of our region by placing at their disposal our branches in order to send money directly to their account in local currency (Lempiras, Quetzales, Pesos, Cordobas, and US Dollars).


We make the sending and cashing of remittances easy, developing a ser of associated banking solutions, with the purpose of supporting our fellow countrymen abroad and their families in our countries.

Main products and services:

  • Specialized bank account, with attractive interest rates and zero fees for low balance or inactivity.
  • Spain Account, for savings in Honduras with advantageous conditions, aimed at migrants in Spain.
  • 24/7 cashing of remittances with TENGO mobile wallet.
  • USA Account, for savings in Honduras with advantageous conditions for honduras in that country.
  • Deposits via Ficochat, Call Center and SARA.
  • The broadest network of remittance and pay locations.

Mortgage Banking
(SASB FN-MF-270b.3)

We make it easier for people to secure their homes. Our personalized service is key, provided by our executives for as long as the mortgage lasts, guaranteeing the best response time, special conditions, and the best rate for own funds in the market

In Honduras, we’re part of the government’s access to homes programs, from the National Home and Human Settlements Commission (CONVIVIENDA) and / or financed by BANHPROVI funds.

Ficohsa Insurance

We are a multi-branched insurance company, with a broad offering of products in order to cover our clients’ different needs:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Damages Insurance
  • Business Severance

Value proposition

Our performance complies with the regulatory framework and commitments acquired with stakeholders. We work under certified quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.

Technological innovation; in 2020 we placed at the disposal of our insured clients a 24/7 WhatsApp service, for questions and pre-certifications, as well as medical and auto claims, quote requests, payment methods information, among others.

Likewise, we launched the new digital medical ID for health

and life insurance expenses, through which you can access your own information and those of your insured parties.

Response to Hurricanes

Ficohsa Insurance made 24/7 service channels available, where our policyholders could report damages or losses after the passage of hurricanes Eta and Iota in the country. In this way, our clients began their claim process digitally.

An immediate response was given and inspections were carried out in the affected areas, managing to make payments to more than 400 affected homes in record time.

We are proud to be the largest and # 1 insurer in Honduras, providing the best support in case of eventualities, with more than US $ 73 million in the process of payment for damages.

Ficohsa Pensions and Severance

Its purpose is to promote a culture of savings and thinking of the future, and it offers plans for both individual or business clients:

  • Individual Pension Fund
  • Business Fund
  • Total Protection Plan

Value proposition

Fulfilling our brand promise is our priority, and we constantly work to satisfy the needs of affiliates by offering an innovative service through the development of digital channels with platforms to carry out online transactions, so affiliates can self-serve without the need to go to a branch. In addition to providing an agile and efficient service, business advisors offer personalized attention.

Transparency towards our affiliates is also important, which is why we send account statements through different means and provide information about Investment portfolios with the aim of always giving our clients the assurance that their investment is being managed in a safe way.