At Ficohsa Bank, we have a regional Environmental and Social Risk Analysis System (SARAS), which stems from the Social- Environmental Credit Policy.

Through this system, we identify, evaluate, manage, and monitor the environmental risks of our corporate and business portfolio; while also including the applicants from high-risk sectors within our entrepreneur banking.

Once the credit application has been received, we first determine if the credit will be used for one of the activities included in the exclusion list, prepared by the Bank following recommendations from multilateral organizations.
In case of an affirmative answer, the process does not continue.

If the answer is not affirmative, we proceed to carry out a first categorization (see below), in accordance to the one we used for due diligence, based on national legislation parameters and the IFC performance standars, as it applies to each case (potential risk, value of the credit.

Starting from the results of the evaluation, we establish the conditions to be met by the applicant so they may receive the financing, and then we monitor the compliance of those conditions.

In this way, we promote good environmental and social practices in our clients, as well as reducing all possible negative impacts on our portfolio. The SARAS is a one of the key components of our responsible banking strategy.

We deliver training to all bank professionals involved in the process, who are charged with the evaluations and the relationship with our clients for the process; this year we trained 146 employees on this regard.

146 Employees trained in matters of environmental and social evaluation related to our clients.


Classification Categories for Environmental and Social Risks



Projects with potential risks or significant adverse environmental or social impacts which are irreversible or unprecedented. These requests are evaluated pursuant to the parameters set forth by the current national legislation and international standards such as the IFC Performance Standards.



Proyectos con potenciales riesgos y/o impactos adversos ambientales y sociales limitados, que son escasos en número, generalmente localizados en sitios específicos, mayormente reversibles y fácilmente abordables a través de medidas de mitigación.



Activities that generate Risks or enenviromental and social impacts which are minimal or non adverse.

Regional Credits Analysis

Green Financing


As part of our commitment to responsible banking, we have moved forward with the development of financial solutions with an environmental focus.

As background, we have financing for renewable energy projects, through which we favor also their development in the region. We have been supporting hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind, and solar projects.

In 2020, we continue to deliver financing for the Arenales Hydroelectric project, from Yaguala Clean Energies, which is capable of generating 61 MW.

At the closing of the year, our cumulative contribution along with previous years, for renewable energy projects, was more than $190MM.