(FS16) (SASB FN-CB-240a.4)

From within the Group, we promoted and facilitated knowledge in financial management for our clients, employees, and general public.

Through Ficohsa Foundation, we implemented the Social and Financial Education program, aimed at boys and girls of pre-school age (3 to 6 years). It aims to inspire them to be socially and economically empowered citizens, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become economically conscious adults capable of transforming their communities.

Our Financial Education Program, from the Group’s subsidiaries and complementary to the Foundation, this year had a special impact on adults and on how to manage finances in the face of the situation generated by the pandemic. We focused on generating awareness in people about prioritizing expenses and optimizing income, avoiding practices that harm financial health.

Operationally, we migrated the entire training scheme to virtual form, and we were able to increase our reach to more than 15,500 people.

We also carry out various webinars with experts in the field at a regional level, in order to support people to cope with the economic situation generated by COVID, with experts who can guide them to reinvent personal finances, reaching more than 53 thousand people.

Through the website TuConcienciaFinanciera.com we provide users with tools and articles that are easy to download and use, to improve the management of their personal finances. It had more than 26,900 visiting users in the year.

Our awareness-raising efforts through social networks are also worth mentioning, which we added to the above-mentioned training sessions. They allowed us to reach more than 185,835 people in the year.

Financial Education for Employees

In order to contribute to the development of our employees and strengthen the financial culture into the Group, we developed Webinars for the adaptation of finances to the new normal and we kept constant information regarding benefits that are within reach by being part of the Ficohsa workforce.

Likewise, through internal communication, we published tips on how to keep your finances in order. More than 40 employees have been trained as Financial Education Trainers.

During 2020, we continued our participation in Global Money Week, an event organized by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), which took place virtually during World Savings Day. With a reach of 56 thousand people, we held internal contests with the children of employees and launched raffles to the clients who opened accounts during those days.