We prioritized continuing with our longest running programs. Hecho en Casa (Made at Home) promotes initiatives which foster productive, entrepreneurial, innovation, and growth activities for all micro businesses and SMEs.

During 2020, it was re-launched under the concept Buying made at home, is having a catracho heart, which aimed to support entrepreneurs and promote the growth of small and medium-sized companies, generating a feeling of pride about the consumption of honduran products and to generate awareness in purchasing habits by preferring products made 100% by honduran hands, because when we consume what is made by us, we all grow.

Currently, we have over 1,500 entrepreneurs in the program

During 2020 we carry out various activities to support entrepreneurs, including:

  1. Relaunching the Hecho en Casa (Made at Home) program.
  2. Promotion activities through the usage of social media posts and television programs on behalf of entrepreneurs.
  3. Alliance with Tengo for the promotion of the Hecho en Casa Movement.
  4. Social media campaigns in order to promote the integration of more entrepreneurs under Hecho en Casa.