2020 was a year of challenges for humanity and this implied challenges for Information Security in a changing world, in technological aspects, and with immediate implementation initiatives to meet the needs of our clients. The active participation of the entire organization was required, in addition to the implementation and strengthening of security tools to offer new technological services accompanied by robust security.

Employees, external personnel and clients continued to receive training emphasizing compliance with the guidelines established in the Information Security Policies approved by the Board of Directors, and with all new or old types of breaches to detect and contain possible cyberattacks.

Regarding Information Security, it can be said that 2020 was a year of great challenges, but also of great achievements to protect the information and privacy of our clients’ data.

From within the Group we also promote, through all subsidiaries, a responsible use of information in commercial activities. The potential of technology allows us, based on data, to anticipate the offer of relevant solutions according to our customer’s needs. At all times, we avoid abusive practices, concerned about customer trust and betting on long-term relationships.