We placed our clients at our core in our marketing processes as well. We make information on characteristics and conditions of our products and services easy to access, so our clients can make pertinent decisions based on their needs.

Our executives serve as trusted advisors,  accompanying our clients every step of the processes of acquiring their products.

The conditions and rates of our main products are all available to the public, including all of our subsidiary’s webpages1.

Likewise, we set commercial objectives in a responsible manner, thus avoiding encouraging abusive practices in our commercial executives. Below, we present a relation between a fixed salary and a variable one for those profiles for each one of our subsidiaries in Honduras:

On the other hand, the diversity of channels allows the client to be in contact with our teams and carry out the different operations.

Especially noteworthy are our digital channels, whose use has grown exponentially due to the incidence of COVID-19, and which we have greatly strengthened with new functionalities.

In response to the pandemic situation, it was possible to request relief measures related to credit cards or loans through SARA. Likewise, we developed FicoTicket, which manages appointments at all our branches, and can be used through SARA.

In addition to these channels, we have a wide network of more than 500 own ATMs plus a wide Network of ATMs through commercial alliances, as well as a network of bank co-managers through TENGO, with more than 1,000 service points.

Compliance with our self-regulation in terms of advertising and information on our products and services, as well as the external regulation applicable in each case, led to no significant penalties incurred on our part due to this cause in the year.

Satisfaction Monitoring

With the idea of strengthening our customer service in mind, at GFF we apply technology Top Down and Bottom Up (NPS), both annually and quarterly. Thus, we calculate the net index of recommendations from our clients, by business and country.
This way, we fulfill the improvement opportunities we identify along the way, while paying attention to our client’s perception in aspects such as service, network coverage, among others.

1 E.g., of public information, rates, and commissions. – Bank Ficohsa Honduras: https://wwwwww.ficohsa.com/hn/media/6616/tarifario.pdf