We built a leading financial group, with a broad offering of products and services, focused on our client’s experience, thanks to a highly committed team which is dedicated to excellence. Our performance adheres to solid core values, which support the organizational culture and the confidence put in us by our different stakeholders.


To provide the most innovative financial products and services with high quality standards and advanced technology, provided by qualified employees. To generate security and satisfaction in those who have given us their trust, while also committing to being a socially responsible company.


Ficohsa will be recognized as a solid and reliable group committed to the development of the countries where we operate, and where our clients will find effective, agile and innovative financial solutions.


The members of Grupo Financiero Ficohsa always act with integrity, honesty and transparency, allowing us to make ethical and moral decisions.

We are conscious and tolerant before the needs, qualities, opinions, decisions, and attitudes of other people in spite of their differences with those of others.

We act with passion and dedication, keeping always a relentless and positive attitude.

We support initiatives which guarantee the future development and balance between economic growth, care for the environment, and social well-being.

We have a sense of collaboration and celerity with
which we ensure the achievement and compliance
with goals, both individual and organizational, by
using efficient and timely solutions.

Grupo Financiero Ficohsa (GFF) is constituted as a corporation, with a majority fraction of its property of honduran capital. The corporate address of the company is in Panama City (Panama), and the operational headquarters are in Tegucigalpa (Honduras). We have activities in both countries, as well as in Guatemala, Nicaragua and the USA.

We operate pursuant to an organizational structure which facilitates the efficiency and specialization of our teams by service and by country.

Grupo Financiero Ficohsa Structure