(GRI 103-2, 103-3)

At Grupo Financiero Ficohsa, we are committed to acting appropriately, under the ethical principles of legality and transparency towards our employees, clients, and suppliers.

Ethics Program

GRI 102-16, 102-17, 102-33, 412-2)
(SASB FN-CB-510a.2, FN-IB-510b.4, FN-AC-510a.2)

We’ve come up with the GFF Ethics Program, which strengthens the ethical compliance culture in our workforce, through actions such as:

Promotion of the Code of Ethics, which includes the guidelines that our employees must follow, such as non-discrimination and abiding by equal opportunities.


Mandatory annual virtual training, of which 100 % of our employees participated in 2020.

Communication campaign to transmit Ficohsa’s values.

Regional Anti-Corruption and Bribery communication campaign.

We have channels for filing complaints regarding unethical behaviors, completely private and anonymous: Ethics hotline (telephone), email, and strategically located physical mailboxes.

Every received case is analyzed by the Ethics Committee, which is formed by 5 titular members, 5 delegate members, and a secretary; it is tasked with applying the system of consequences, which includes the possibility of letting go all implicated employees. The process includes guarantees for all parties, and is careful in not allowing retaliation against those who file the complaints.

In order to strengthen the Group’s culture of integrity, we share quarterly with our employees the amount of ethics cases we have received and seen through. In 2020, there were 64 reported cases.

Currently, we are working in a new process for complaints which plans to add another channel via WhatsApp, and aims at evaluating the complaints under two committees: the Local Ethics Committee and the Local Integrity Committee.

Human Rights

(GRI 410-1, 412-1, 412-3)

At GFF we are committed to protect and respect Human Rights in each and every one of our operations within the countries where we operate.

That being said, during 2020 we developed the Human Rights Policy, through which we strengthened our commitment and we communicated to all our employees the Group’s stance regarding this subject.

Likewise, we continue being part of the Human Rights Committee of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP).

And through our Code of Conduct, as well as through Ethical Requirements for Business Partners, we make known Ficohsa’s guidelines in Human Rights matters to each and every person who has a commercial or business relation with GFF.


Anti-Corruption and Bribery Management System

(GRI 205-1, 205-2, 205-3)

At   GFF   we have an Anti-Corruption and Bribery Management System     (SGAS), whose purpose is to consolidate the culture of integrity, transparency, honesty, and compliance in all of our business relations.

It encourages the responsibility regarding senior management of GFF’s companies and all its employees, pursuant to due diligence, and promotes filing complaints against all defaults that are detected through all channels set up for that purpose.

The Components of the SGAS are as follows:

During 2020 we strengthened the SGAS through a thorough process, which included identifying our improvement opportunities in self-regulation and management with the support of external specialists and the implementation of the required changes. We also updated our risk matrices and internal controls.

We also strengthened the SGAS governance, for which the Board of Directors created the Regional Integrity Committee, together with validating the changes that were mentioned.

From the aforementioned SGAS training for employees, 100 % of our employees participated in it.

Thanks to the measures that were taken, we have not had any corruption or bribery case during 2020.

Internal Campaigns highlighting our values