(GRI 102-15)

We understand the social and political context wherever we operate, working on risks and opportunities in order to guarantee operational continuity, financial stability, and service to our clients. This year, the issue and evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic have marked the macro-economic context in every country.

We also participated in the innovation and development of new business models, channels and value proposition for clients, considering changes in their needs, digitization and progress within a bank that contributes to economic and social development and to the protection of the environment.

Digitization of processes and remote service

We pioneered the launching of the online banking system:

Online banking system, which allows operations to be carried out at all times, easily and with the support of remote assistance channels and resolution of doubts.

Ficohsa App
Developed specifically for the use of digital banking from mobile devices.

(Agile Automatic Response Service), virtual assistant available through social networks.

In the Group we are also working on business process automation . We were also the first bank in Honduras to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which performs this automation by replicating the actions of a human being. It is part of the advances of our Robotics Center.

Digital payments

Along with the development of the Ficohsa App, we seek technology to facilitate transactions and payments for all our clients. For this, we have developed TENGO digital wallet, specially designed for financial inclusion, that offers digital payment in different stores.


The development of digital channels and their growing use by customers, accelerated in a pandemic, is accompanied by a greater risk of cyber crimes, such as fraud, information theft, among others.
At Ficohsa we have a solid prevention structure, at the level of protocols for our employees, processes and systems, and auditing. We have developed an information Security Management model aligned with international best practices as well as emerging threats.

Personalization based on client data

We use client data responsibly, adhering to ethics and reciprocal trust that they give us. With data analytics we seek to deliver the most relevant solutions for customer needs.

We have guidelines in place to avoid abusive business practices and invasive communications.

The available data is increasing, especially as continue the digitization of our operations, and we are prepared so that its analysis translates into added value for the client.

Diversification of the business portfolio

Our loan portfolio is very diverse in terms of the sectors of economic activity, so that we reduce possible risks associated with the evolution of one in particular due to the national and international context.

We have teams of specialized professionals in each sector, which allows us a solid risk assessment for the delivery of loan and personalized service.

Products with environmental criteria

We evaluate the environmental and social risks with the implementation of the Environmental and Social Risk Management System (SARAS in Spanish) in the commercial loan portfolio, so that we incorporate these aspects in the decision to grant the financing; It also serves to promote good practices in current and potential clients.

We finance renewable energy projects. We will advance in the development of credit, investment and insurance products with environmental criteria.

Development of products for access to banking

Financial inclusion is key in the region, we move forward in that field through our different products and channels, convinced of the importance of offering opportunities, along with financial education.
Savings and credit products: the offer of products and services associated with remittances stands out, which is very important in our countries.
Channels: mobile banking is one of the most prominent digital channels with which helps to generate a greater reach.
Likewise, TENGO stands out as our network of banking correspondents, which allows us to be closer to our clients in shops in their area; some of the most relevant projects and results during 2020 were:

During 2020, the company reached a transactional record, starting with the digitization process of TENGO affiliated businesses in an alliance with Ficohsa Bank and Cervecería Hondureña S.A., in which QR payments were enabled in small grocery stores nationwide. To date, there are already + 3,500 establishments affiliated to this program.

Additionally, TENGO served as the technological operator for social projects executed by the United Nations Development Program, UNDP; which to date has disbursed more than US $ 7.4MM in vouchers through electronic coupons via SMS, through the TENGO platform.

With TENGO you can do everything at any time and from anywhere. Easy, quickly, and securely.

Growth of registered users in the Tengo Mobile Wallet (BMT): + 45%

There was a growth in the amount of TENGO transactions of + 66% during the second semester of the year

TENGO has established itself as a key channel for the collection of Remittances, both at physical points and through the Mobile Wallet

At TENGO we are committed to being closer to hondurans, offering them an easy, fast and secure solution to make payments and transactions, avoiding long lines; paying for everything from one place or from the comfort of your home.

We have TENGO Points in all 18 states of Honduras, as well as kiosks in shopping centers in the main cities in the country.