Equal Opportunities

At Grupo Financiero Ficohsa we are committed to equal opportunities and non-discrimination, which are part of the basic guidelines of our Code of Ethics.

We value diversity and work on inclusion, focused on the best talent over and above biases and barriers. Diversity enriches decision-making, represents the reality of the societies we are part of and contributes to innovation.

In relation to gender, we have the Ficohsa Gender Equity Community, an initiative that promotes equality at the level of each country and subsidiary, through different initiatives. We started with the Council of Women in Guatemala, followed by the Community of Women in Honduras; This year, we also launched the initiative in Nicaragua and Panama.

We have opened the communities to a comprehensive understanding of diversity, with the participation of men and the involvement of senior management, as well as establishing a strategic plan of activities

around education, health, well-being, and equal treatment for all.

Thanks to the efforts to promote this culture, self-regulation and the active involvement of employees, we had no reported cases of discrimination among our employees.

With regard to remuneration, we have a scheme based on a meritocracy, linked to performance evaluations. We present the breakdown below considering the ratio of remuneration by gender in each professional category; we also present the differences that can occur in each category by how the population of men and women is distributed.

There are no gender differences between equivalent employees in rank, seniority and other variables.

Ratio Base Salary Women / Men by Professional Category

Maternity and Paternity Leave

We support our employees in taking care of their family responsibilities, enabling conciliation and making different support measures available. In every case, we comply with the legal provisions on the duration of paternity and maternity leave.

In Honduras and Panama, 100% of the employees who could exercise the right made use of their permission. In most cases, they return from leave and continue with the company, thanks to the measures that we put at their disposal for said work-family balance.

Maternity and Paternity Leaves 2020

2 Indica el porcentaje de reincorporaciones que permanecen en el puesto por 12 meses.

Safety and Health

The health and safety of employees is a priority for Ficohsa Financial Group, especially this year given the health emergency resulting from the pandemic.

We enable telecommuting in every position where remote operation was possible, as well as in all cases corresponding to vulnerable groups (E.g., people with chronic degenerative diseases). On the other hand, we established strict biosecurity protocols in our offices, we trained our employees and we gave them protective equipment, thus protecting their health and that of our clients.

2,882 employees, 52 % of the payroll, worked through telecommuting in 2020.

We complemented the measures by conducting more than 25,000 antigen tests on our employees, and offering a hotline for medical and psychological attention, which received over 2,500 calls.

The response measures to COVID were established by the Hygiene and Safety Committee, which  is in charge of the investigation and monitoring of health and safety incidents that occur within Ficohsa facilities, as well as proposing prevention and surveillance measures, we have a Committee per country.

Beyond the pandemic, as part of the management of our operations, we already had a health and safety at work plan in place. We safeguarded compliance with legislation and our internal regulations in this regard, including training and awareness actions.

During 2020 we did not have occupational accidents or illnesses, although the pandemic did have an indirect impact on teams.

We also have an Emergency Response Plan, which enables the continuity of operations even during crisis situations. This plan is in charge of the Crisis Committee, which also has a support team if necessary; all of them were trained during the year.

Additionally, part of our employees served as volunteer brigade members, whom we also prepare on an annual basis.

2020 Training

As part of the emergency response plan, each country in the region has an emergency committee and a support team for the crisis management committee of which 12 people are regular members and 12 alternate members.

Work Climate

(GRI 401-2, 201-3)

In addition to complying with the provisions of the law established in each of the countries in which we operate, we deliver additional benefits to our employees, seeking their well-being and strengthening their satisfaction and commitment to the company and the rest of our stakeholders.

  • This year, we expanded the extension of vacation permits, which start at 12 business days for those employees who have already been with the company for a year and increase according to seniority.
  • We added the hotline for medical and psychological attention, of special relevance due to the emergency experienced.
  • Likewise, we incorporated funeral assistance benefits as part of our medical insurance.
  • We complemented the benefits with the celebration of significant days for families (Mother’s and Children’s Day).
  • Despite working remotely, we continued sports activities with virtual classes for employees and their families in the Ficofit program.
  • To promote camaraderie and maintain the connection between our employees, we hosted online sporting events (FIFA Virtual League 2020) and contests and other activities on during the holidays.