Description of our Staff

(GRI 102-8, 102-41, 401-1, 405-1)

At Grupo Financiero Ficohsa we implement a human capital strategy built from actively listening to our employees.

We bet on talent and offer career development opportunities, which allow us to have highly competitive professionals committed to the operation, to quality of service and to customer satisfaction.

We closed 2020 with 5,463 employees, distributed in our different subsidiaries and countries in which we operate (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama 1).

From within the Group, we support the stability of employment despite the economic difficulties derived from the pandemic, and the size of our payroll remained practically the same as the previous year. It is part of how we understand team management, with 94% of employees with a permanent contract at Group level.

  1. In terms of this chapter, the employees of the representative office in the USA are not included in the consolidated of the payroll.

Employees by country

Employees Under Contract 2020

Note: Temporary means all full-time and hourly temporary contracts.

In the different teams, we promote equal opportunities. In this way, we have already reached 57% of women of the total employees at the Group. Likewise, we facilitate inter-generational coexistence, combining young talent with professionals with greater experience and trajectory.

Employees by Country, Business, and Sex 2020 GFF

Below we present our inter-annual comparison against 2019:

Employees by Business, Country, and Sex 2019-2020 GFF

Rotation and New Hires

During the year we continued to hire despite the operational and economic difficulties, to take care of the opportunities that were generated in the payroll.

We are committed to the talent throughout our operation, which enables the understanding of local needs and makes it easy for us to contribute to development, together with the financial activity itself.

2020 GFF Employee Rotation

Note: Rotation rate is calculated: (additions – terminations) * 100/initial payroll (the previous year-end payroll).

+ 1,130 new employees were hired by Ficohsa Financial Group

We care about an adequate work environment, the employee’s well-being and their development, as well as job stability. In this way, the employee turnover at regional level was – 0.77%.