In order to promote excellence in our organization, we make sure to guide the development of skills, abilities and technical knowledge under the principle of continuous improvement and learning.

Ficohsa Corporate University is available to all of our employees. Its objective is to promote the development of talent as a competitive advantage for employees and the company, contributing to the achievement of business objectives. It includes different training programs and development tools.

During 2020, due to the pandemic situation, we had to redesign the way we share knowledge, evolving from a e-learning to a 100% virtual modality, which has been widely accepted by our employees.

As part of the contents, this year we developed the Master Classes, a series of webinars in alliance with national and international organizations, including academic institutions. We also implemented service workshops and spin selling. We reinforced the content on leadership, innovation, agile organization, strategic trends and business models.

2018 – 2020 GFF Ficohsa Schools Training

Competencies Improvement Program 2018-2020 GFF

Number of participants

Average Hours of Training, by Country, 2020

Notes: 1. The total hours of training includes the set of trainings of Ficohsa University, Schools, Skills Improvement Program, as well as all those that have been implemented in the year outside of these programs.
2.The average hours of training respond to the labor demography at the end of the year, to avoid counting the same employee several times who participates in the different training programs.

Additionally, we support the continuity of studies of our employees, through scholarships for postgraduate studies, which contribute to their professional development and performance area within GFF.

In 2020, we awarded 3 postgraduate degree scholarships, under the “Juan Atala Matar”  program with a total value of US $ 200,000.

Performance Evaluation

On an annual basis, we evaluate the performance of our employees through a formally established process, which includes the participation of both the evaluated employee and the person carrying out the evaluation. We seek to recognize excellence, learning and commitment.

Performance Evaluation by Professional
Category and Country, 2018-2020