As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we are committed to a culture of respect for the environment and the reduction of our negative impacts.

We work to reduce energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions in our facilities.

To do this, we invested in the remodeling of offices and branches, while also furnishing them with more environmentally friendly technologies. In 2020, we allocated

US$ 288,949 to that end.

Investments 2020

We also worked on measuring and monitoring our impacts on the environment. For our operations in Honduras, we calculated our carbon footprint and our ecological footprint, with a broader scope and, in this way, we addressed the opportunities for improvement that we identified.

By ecological footprint, we mean the area necessary to maintain the consumption of resources and energy, as well as to absorb the waste produced by the company. We reported the value in global hectares (gha).

The calculation methodology is based on the guidelines of the Global Footprint Network (GFN) and the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology established in the ISO 14040, 14044 and 14072 standards.

We reported three scopes, with scope 1 coming from direct consumption in operations such as fuels or refrigerants, scope 2 from indirect consumption derived from the supply of electricity, and scope 3 which condenses other indirect consumption such as supplies and services.