Together with the initiatives in energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, which are detailed below, we worked on other environmental aspects, even though the impact is less due to our type of activity as a financial entity.

Regarding water consumption, we carried out campaigns to promote its responsible use, both in our work centers and in employee’s homes; we also reported the collection of water and we are currently working to calculate the discharge information.

For all of our operations, the water supply comes from the corresponding network; we have no other alternative sources. Regarding the generation of waste, we worked especially in reducing our consumption of paper, as well as in reusage and recycling (also of plastics and other waste).

Paper represents one of our main supplies, so each year we promote its responsible use and set reduction goals for its usage. The digitization of processes in our subsidiaries is helping to advance in this regard.
We carry out different campaigns in order to promote the orderly disposal of waste, so that it can be used by third-party specialists; we also promote the recycling of paper and electronic waste, as well as the incineration of credit card plastic.