GRI 102-17, 102-30

The year 2020 was filled with challenges, but also great teachings for companies and society in general. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact and demanded quick reaction. Regionally, we also had the impact of especially damaging tropical storms, such as hurricanes ETA and IOTA in Honduras.

Being solidary became more necessary than ever. From Ficohsa, we were involved in all our client’s needs from the first moment, through financial support measures, as well as safeguarding their healthcare and of our employees. Faced with the health emergency, as part of our permanent commitment with society, we contributed to all necessary infrastructure and equipment in the countries in which we operate.

This context accelerated the digital transformation of our client’s user experience, which we were already working on, but it also promoted the adoption of remote working scenarios. In this way, we were able to guarantee our non-interrupted excellence in service, while paying back the confidence our stakeholders placed in us.

Below, we present some of the main measures and initiatives we’ve developed during the year.


We’ve mainly focused on continuity of service, our client’s user experience because of the growth of digital channels, and financial support given the financial difficulties this situation has caused. Our corporate competitiveness  promotion initiatives, as well as commerce, were also more relevant than ever.

Support to competitiveness and commerce

In Honduras, regarding the Hecho en Casa (Made at Home) program, which includes different initiatives for commerce in small businesses and SMEs, we added a website in which our customers may refer companies; as well as Ficomall, the first platform so SMEs may develop online sales. We also made readily available training by specialists on digital transformation, tools to reinvent their businesses, etc. (all online).


We implemented biosecurity protocols in all branches, pursuant to all legal provisions and best international practices. We complemented it with awareness campaigns for clients, as well as campaigns to heighten awareness and the importance of staying at home (#QuédateEnCasa, #tusaludestáentusmanos).

Technological Innovation

We accelerated the transformation we were undertaking, launching:

  1. SARA WhatsApp service, which allows the payment of utilities, transfers, balance queries;
  2. Opening of completely digital savings accounts through the Ficohsa Mobile App.
  3. Online check account deposits through our Ficohsa Mobile App.
  4. Ficoticket, a tool that allows booking appointments at our branches ahead of time.

Financial relief

Application of relief measures as provided by the government in the countries where we operate, including moratoriums on payment.

Also, we marketed banking products which make it easier for companies and people to meet their financial needs, especially for those who were affected by the pandemic, as was the case of credits for working capital for companies who were affected by a reduction of their cash flow due to COVID-19.

Medical coverage

Ficohsa Insurance was one of the first insurance companies in Honduras to provide coverage for COVID-19 and medical orientation to its clients.

Due to the impact of hurricanes ETA and IOTA, Ficohsa Insurance made a disbursement of over $ 18.68 million US dollars for indemnities, thus reaffirming our commitment towards the people of Honduras, and consolidating our position as the company that delivers.


Guaranteeing the health of our employees was a priority for our company, as well as developing wellness measures for such a complicated moment in time.
Regarding employees who had loans with our institution, we offered payment relief for them.

Prevention measures

We developed and carried out strict biosecurity protocols both in our office buildings and branches, as well as providing our personnel with all necessary protective equipment. We placed at their disposal safe transportation systems. We complemented these efforts with preventive communication campaigns.

Through our working environment survey, we were also able to find out the evolution of our employee’s situation, while being able to respond to all changes in their needs and priorities.

We carried out free diagnostic COVID-19 testing to all our employees who had symptoms or with direct relation to a COVID-19 positive case.

Enabling of Telecommuting

Most of our employees changed to work through telecommuting, starting by all those who were especially at risk due to their previous health conditions. The return to office work was carried out systematically following the plan in each country, thus making it easy to work in shifts to maintain social distance.

Caring for wellness

We have a hotline for medical and psychological attention available to our employees.
We delivered free door-to-door medical treatment for employees who received a diagnosis of COVID-19 positive.
During the period in which circulation in public transportation was restricted, at GFF we provided vehicles, buses, and fuel subsidies so that employees could get to their workplace.

Likewise, we offered virtual training in different areas of interest for their professional development, as well as team leadership in virtual and personal environments, and in other matters related to hobbies and other skills, such as cooking.

Attention for ETA and IOTA emergencies

We gave support to employees who fell victim to the situations generated by the storms, for the recovery of their homes and other needs, investing more than $ 60,000.00 US Dollars. We sought to mitigate the additional difficulties caused on top of the ones already caused by the pandemic. The initiatives included direct economic support, fundraisings, food and clothes drive, and relocation of affected employees and their families in hotels.

Medical coverage

Ficohsa Insurance was one of the first insurance companies in Honduras to provide COVID-19 coverage and medical orientation to its employees.

Guatemala Covid Actions

In Guatemala, PORSALUD offered support with over 9,217 consultations in order to control the pandemic among its workers and clients, through services for monitoring COVID-19 patients. Additionally, medical consultations were given by phone even for different pathologies, as well as sending ambulances, moving people to hospitals, telemedicine, screening tests, and psychological counseling for employees and their families.


As part of our corporate citizenship, we took care of the health emergency in the countries where we operate. In Honduras, we also helped with providing assistance to those affected by storms ETA and IOTA. We helped both from the Group’s different branches and from Ficohsa Foundation, which also kept its primary commitment towards education.

With our set of initiatives, we were able to benefit over 82,900 people during the crisis, investing more than
$ 2.7 million US Dollars

Below are some of the main contributions in each country:


Donation of medical supplies and groceries  for 21 hospitals.