SASB TopicCodeDescriptionUnit of measurementOmissions or modificationsComplementary
Activity FN-MF-000.A(1) Number and (2) value of mortgages originatedNumber,79
parametersby category: (a) residential and (b) commercialReporting
Activity FN-MF-000.B(1) Number and (2) value of the mortgages boughtNumber,Not publicly
parametersby category: (a) residential and (b) commercialReportingavailable
Credit FN-MF-270a.1(1) Number and (2) value of the residential mortgagesNumber,Not publicly
practicesof the following types: (a) Hybrid mortgages or with Reportingavailable
adjustable-rate option (ARM), (b) Fine for earlycurrency
payment, (c) Higher rate, (d) Total, by FICO
scores above or below 660
FN-MF-270a.21) Number and (2) value of (a) modifications ofNumber,Not publicly
residential mortgages, (b) foreclosures andReportingavailable
(c) short sales or deeds instead of currency
foreclosures, by FICO scores above
or below 660
FN-MF-270a.3Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofNumber,27
legal proceedings associated to communicationsReporting
to clients or remuneration of loancurrency
FN-MF-270a.4Description of the structure of remuneration of theN/ANot publicly
loan originatorsavailable
Discriminatory FN-MF-270b.1(1) Number, (2) value and (3) loan-to-value cumulativeNumber,79
loans(LTV) average ratio of mortgages issued toReporting
(a) minorities and (b) all other lenders, bycurrency,
FICO score above and below 660Percentage
FN-MF-270b.2Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofReportingThere have been no sanctions
judicial proceedings associated to discriminatory mortgage currencydue to this reason.
FN-MF-270b.3Description of policies and procedures toN/A36
guarantee the creation of non-discriminatory
Environmental FN-MF-450a.1(1) Number and (2) value of the 100-year mortgage Number,We don’t have that analysis
risk forloans in flood-risk zonesReportingyet.
the mortgagedcurrency
properties FN-MF-450a.2(1) Total expected loss and (2) Loss generated byReportingWe don’t have that analysis
default (LGD) caused by the default of currency,yet.
mortgage loans and to delinquency due toPercentage
natural catastrophes related to weather, by(%)
geographic region
FN-MF-450a.3Description of how climate change and otherN/A29
environmental risks are incorporated in the creation and
subscription of mortgages