SectionGRI DescriptionGRI ContentPageOmissionGlobal Compact PrinciplesSDG
Profile of theName of the Organization102-1
OrganizationActivities, brands, products, and services102-23.6, 9.3
Location of headquarters102-3
Location of operations102-43.6, 3.13, 9.3
Property and legal status102-5
Markets served102-68.5, 10.3
Size of the organization102-7
Information on employees and other workers102-8Principle 68.2, 8.5, 10.3
Supply chain102-98.2
Significant changes in the organization and its
supply chain102-108.10.
Cautionary principle or focus102-11
External initiatives102-12
Affiliation to associations102-13
StrategyDeclaration of high executives responsible for
Main impacts, risks, and opportunities102-158.10.
Ethics and Values, principles, standards, and norms of conduct102-16Principle 1016.3
IntegrityAdvisory mechanisms and ethical concerns102-17Principle 1016.3
Governance structure102-18
Delegation of authority102-19
Responsibility at executive level for economic,
environmental, and social issues102-20
Content 102-21 Questioning stakeholders regarding
economic, environmental, and social issues102-21
Composition of the highest governing body and its committees102-225.5, 16.7
President of the highest governing body102-2316.6
Nomination and selection of the highest governing body102-245.5, 16.7
Conflicts of interest102-2516.6
Function of the highest governing body in selecting
Governanceobjectives, values, and strategy102-26
Collective knowledge of the highest governing body102-27
Performance evaluation of the highest governing body102-28
Identification and management of economic, environmental,
and social impacts102-2916.7
Efficiency of the risk management processes102-30
Evaluation of economic, environmental, and social issues102-31
Function of the highest governing body in the preparation
of sustainability reports102-32
Communication of critical concerns102-33
Nature and total number of critical concerns102-34Confidential, due to
internal company
Remuneration policies102-35
Process to determine remuneration102-36
Involvement of stakeholders in remuneration102-3716.7
Ratio of total annual compensation102-38Confidential, due to
internal company
Ratio of the incremental percentage of the
total annual compensation102-39Confidential, due to
internal company
ParticipationList of stakeholders102-40
Collective bargaining agreements102-41Principle 38.8
of Stake-
Identification and selection of stakeholders102-42
Focus for the participation of stakeholders102-43
Key issues and concerns mentioned102-44
Practices forEntities included in the consolidated financial statements102-45
Definition of the content of the reports and the
the preparation
coverage of issues102-46
of reports
List of material issues102-47
Re-expression of information102-48
Changes in the preparation of reports102-49
Object period of the report102-50
Date of last report102-51
Report preparation cycle102-52
Contact point for questions on the report102-53
Declaration of preparation of conformity with the
GRI Standards report102-54
Index of GRI contents102-55
External verification102-56