SASB TopicCodeDescriptionUnit of measurementOmissions or modificationsComplementary Response
Activity FN-IN-000.ANumber of current policies, by segment: (1)Number
parametersproperty and accidents, (2) life, (3) assumed
Transparent FN-IN-270a.1Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofReporting27,37
Information andlegal proceedings associated to thecurrency
fair assessmentmarketing and communication of information
for clientsrelated to insurance products to new
and recurring clients.
FN-IN-270a.2Proportion of claims to claimsRateNot publicly
FN-IN-270a.3Client retention rateRateNot publicly
FN-IN-270a.4Description of the focus to inform clientsN/A37
about products
Incorporation of FN-IN-410a.1Total of invested assets, by sector and type of assetReporting86
environmental, social,currency
and governance FN-IN-410a.2Description of the focus for the incorporation ofN/AOur subsidiary
factors in theenvironmental, social, and governance (ESG) factorsinsurance companies are
managementin the investment management processes and strategiesworking on the incorporation
of investmentsof ASG criteria in the
investment decisions
Policies designed FN-IN-410b.1Net premiums subscribed related to the energyReportingWe still don’t have
to promote efficiency and low-in-carbon technologycurrencyspecific insurance
responsibleproducts with environmental
FN-IN-410b.2Discussion of products and / or characteristics ofN/AWe promote road safety
products that promote actions and / orand responsible driving as
healthy, safe, and / or environmentally part of our insurance
responsible behaviors.
Exposure to environ- FN-IN-450a.1Probable maximum loss (PML) or insuredReportingNot publicly
mental riskproducts due to natural catastrophes related tocurrencyavailable
FN-IN-450a.2Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofReportingNot publicly
insurance payments due to (1) modeled naturalcurrencyavailable
catastrophes, and (2) non-modeled natural catastrophes,
by type of event and geographical segment (net and
gross of reinsurance)
FN-IN-450a.3Description of the focus for the incorporation ofN/AIn the process of fixing the
environmental risks in (1) the subscription process conditions of policies, the
for individual contracts, and (2) the management of riskaccident rate is considered, which
at company level and capital adequacymay be conditioned by
the occurrence of specific
extreme and / or progressive
climate events (E.g., increase
in temperature)
Management of FN-IN-550a.1Exposure to instruments derived by category: (1)ReportingNot publicly
systemic risktotal potential exposure to non-centrallycurrencyavailable
compensated derivatives, (2) total reasonable value
of the acceptable guarantees deposited in the Central
Compensating Chamber, and (3) potential total
exposure to centrally compensated derivatives
FN-IN-550a.2Total reasonable value of assets used as guaranteeReportingNot publicly
securities loanscurrencyavailable
FN-IN-550a.3Description of the focus to manage the risksN/ANot publicly
related to the capital and liquidity associated to allavailable
different systemic insurance activities