SASB TopicCodeDescriptionUnit of measurementOmissions or modificationsComplementary Response
Activity FN-AC-000.A(1) Registered total and (2) total of non-registeredReportingNot publicly
parametersassets under management (AUM)currencyavailable
Activity FN-AC-000.BTotal of assets under custody and supervisionReporting
Transparent FN-AC-270a.1(1) Number and (2) percentage of employees coveredNumber,During 2020 there were no
information andby a history of investigations related toPercentagerelated investigations
fair assessmentinvestments, complaints initiated by consumers, private(%)
forcivil litigation, or other regulatory procedures
FN-AC-270a.2Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofReporting27
legal proceedings associated to thecurrency
marketing and communication of information
related to financial products of new and
recurring clients.
Description of the focus to inform clients aboutN/A37
products and services
Diversity and FN-AC-330a.1Percentage of representation by sex and racial / ethnicPercentageNot publiclyThere is still no active portfolio
inclusion ofgroup for (1) executive management, (2)(%)availablewith ASG criteria
employeesnon-executive management, (3) professionals, and (4)
all other employees
Incorporation of FN-AC-410a.1Amount of assets under management, by type ofReportingFicohsa Pensions and Severance
environmentalof assets, which utilize (1) integration of environmental,currencyis evaluating how to
social, andsocial, and governance (ESG) issues, (2)incorporate ASG criteria in the
governancethematic sustainability investment, and (3) selectioninvestment process
factors in
management andDescription of the focus for the incorporation of
investmentenvironmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues
assessmentin the equity investment and / or management processes
and / or strategies
FN-AC-410a.3Description of the policies and proxy votingN/ANot publicly
procedures and investee participationavailable
Business ethics FN-AC-510a.1Total amount of monetary losses as a resultReporting25,27
of legal proceedings associated to fraud, usecurrency
of privileged information, antitrust, anti-competitive,
market manipulative, negligent behaviors, or other
laws or regulations related to the
financial industry.
FN-AC-510a.2Description of the policies and irregularities complaint proceduresN/A27