SASB TopicCodeDescriptionUnit of
Omissions or modificationsComplementary Response
Activity FN-CB-000.A(1) Number and (2) value of the current checking and savingsNumberWe present the77, 81, 82, 83
parameteraccounts by segment: (a) personal and (b) small enterprisevalue of
deposits by country
Activity FN-CB-000.B(1) Number and (2) value of the loans per segment: (a)Number,Not publicly
parameterpersonal, (b) small enterprise, and (c) corporatereportavailable
Data FN-CB-230a.11) Number of data violations, (2) percentage thatNumber38
securityinvolver personal identification information (PII), (3)percentage
number of affected account-holders(%)
FN-CB-230a.2Description of the focus to identify and engage inN/A38
data security risks
Financial FN-CB-240a.1(1) Number and (2) amount of outstanding qualifiedNumber,41, 80
inclusion andloans for programs designed to promote thereporting
development ofdevelopment of small enterprises and the developmentcurrency
capabilitiesof the community
FN-CB-240a.2(1) Number and (2) amount of expired and non-cumulativeNumber,Not publicly
loans that qualify for programs designed to promote thereportingavailable
development of small enterprises and communitiescurrency
FN-CB-240a.3Number of retail checking accounts at no costNumberNot publicly
provided to previously non-banking or sub-bankingavailable
FN-CB-240a.4Number of participants in financial education initiativesNumber46
for non-banking, sub-banking, or clients who haven’t
been seen-to
Incorporation of FN-CB-410a.1Exposition to commercial and industrial credit, by industryReporting78, 81, 83
social, and
FN-CB-410a.2Description of the focus for the incorporation of environmental,N/A38
factors in social, and governance (ESG) factor in the credit
the creditanalysis
Business FN-CB-510a.1Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofReporting27
ethicslegal proceedings associated with fraud, use ofcurrency
privileged information, antitrust, anti-competitive,
market manipulative, negligent behavior, or
other laws or regulations related to the financial
FN-CB-510a.2Description of the policies and procedures toN/A25
denounce irregularities
Management FN-CB-550a.1Global Systemically Important Bank (G-SIB) score, byBasisNot applicable. None of
of systemiccategorypointscorporations in the countries,
risks(bps)nor the financial group itself,
are considered as a bank of
Global Systemically Important
Bank (G-SIB) by the
FN-CB-550a.2Description of the focus for the incorporation of theN/ABasel Committee on
results of the obligatory and voluntary resistance tests Banking Supervision (BCBS)
in the planning and adaptation of capital, theof the Bank for International
Settlements (BIS).
long-term corporate strategy, and other commercial