SASB TopicCodeDescriptionUnit of
Omissions or modificationsComplementary Response
Activity FN-CF-000.ANumber of unique consumers with an active creditNumberNot publicly
parametercard account (1) and a pre-paid debit cardavailable
account (2)
Activity FN-CF-000.BNumber of (1) credit card accounts, and (2)NumberNot publicly
parameterpre-paid debit card accountsavailable
Client FN-CF-220a.1Number of account-holders whose information is usedNumberNot publicly
privacyfor secondary purposesavailable
FN-CF-220a.2Amount of total monetary losses as a result of legalReporting38
proceedings associated to the client’scurrency
Data FN-CF-230a.11) Number of data violations, (2) percentageNumber,38
securitythat involves personal identification information (PII),Percentage
(3) number of affected account-holders(%)
FN-CF-230a.2Losses due to fraud related to cards for (1) non-presentReportingNot publicly
card fraud, and (2) present card fraud, andcurrencyavailable
other frauds
FN-CF-230a.3Description of the focus to identify and address theN/A38
data security risks
Sales FN-CF-270a.1Percentage of the total covered employee remunerationPercentage37
practiceswhich is variable and is linked to the amount of(%)
sold products and services
FN-CF-270a.2Approval rate for (1) credit, and (2) pre-paidPercentageNot publicly
products for applicants with FICO scores above and(%)available
below 660
FN-CF-270a.3(1) Average rate of additional products, (2) averageReporting37
APR, (3) average aging of accounts, (4)currency,
average number of commercial lines, (5) averagePercentage (%),
yearly rates for pre-paid products for clients withMonths,
FICO Scores above and below 660Number,
FN-CF-270a.4(1) Number of complaints filed before the ConsumerNumber,27
Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), (2)Percentage (%)
percentage with monetary or non-monetary relief, (3)
percentage disputed by the consumer, (4) percentage that
from an investigation on behalf of the CFPB
FN-CF-270a.5Total amount of monetary losses as a result ofReporting27
legal proceedings associated to the sale and the servicecurrency
of products